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Project Management


We provide project management consulting and services from start-up to completion.  We provide a wealth of experience and expertise to handle large complex projects and phases in all industries. Our focus is to deliver outstanding results, greater business value, and competitive advantage for our clients' projects.  We effectively utilize project management to drive value that results in improved business performance.  We also provide project managers and team members for projects by direct source, or by recruiting externally.


We provide customized project management training programs for individuals and organizations that embrace project management and have an interest to improve project management skills. This is a comprehensive training program for project practioners, such as project leaders and team members.  We use proprietary methods and processes for training and development to improve project management skills; and provide applicable knowledge and skills to pass the Project Management Certification exams (CAPM® and PMP®).  We can provide assistance in each step – completing project exam requirements, submitting exam application, preparation to take the exam, registering to take the exam, and post activities.  In addition, we provide project management coaching and support.  Training and development is conducted by a trained facilitator with a Project Management Professional Certification (PMP®) and extensive years of training.

Vendor Risk Management Consulting

We provide third-party vendor risk management services; which include establishing and maintaining practices, policies, procedures, and programs for proper governance, risk mitigation, and regulatory compliance.  Our services focus on proper business oversight for risk management, regulatory compliance, and cost reduction for third-party entities.  In addition, we provide  supply chain management services to help maximize benefits in our client's supply chain.  We provide a wide range of services, such as, spend analysis, vendor integration, supplier diversity, benchmarking, and purchasing initiatives.

Business Management Consulting

We provide expertise and value to our clients by providing services that are critical to business success and achieving the company's strategic goals.  These services consists of providing assistance with business plans, strategic plans, operational plans, policies, procedures and daily activities required for effective operations.